Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Faq Faq Faq

Please remember, you can always send me questions...ecosampler@yahoo.com

1.  First and foremost all samples that are sent in must be vegan.  

2.  As this is the first bag, I cant really give you a definate number of samples to expect when buying a bag, once the samples start rolling in, I will give a better idea on that.

3.  I will do my best to include something from every shop in each bag, but please remember that each shop will send in a different number of  samples and that will determine how many bags have that paticular crafter.

4. The price for each bag will include priority shipping with delivery confirmation (tracking) and bags will only ship in the USA, but if you submit items and are outside the US, you may most certainly buy a bag!

5.  All bags will be carefully packed by me personally, and I will do my best best best to give a wide array of items to each bag.  Not 10 bars of soap in one bag, you get the idea.

6.  Priority will be given to 100% vegan shops when accepting people for samples, as that is the point of vegan sample bags!

7. I know that 10% of sales goes to a voted upon animal sanctuary, where does the other 90% go?  The other 90% will be used to promote the bags, for material to make the reusable bags, and to compensate the hours and hours of work these bags take to organize and put together.  Between building blogs, blogging, creating a myspace, tweeting about vegan sample bags....all of that takes time.  Many places do promotional bags like this, but I havnt found any other ones that donate some of the money to charity.  We would also like to create an actual website in the near future, so money needs to be set aside for that.

8. What if I send in 60 items and only 48 bags are sold?  Well, thats the beauty of an all vegan bag, whatever bags dont sell, those items will be used in the next sample bag!

9.  What if you sell items that you cant send in a sample size, some great ideas are coupons for a percentage off your shop, business card magnets  there are so many possabilities!

10.  Please if you are going to send items that might leak, like lotions and lip glosses, please put them in something and make sure they are sealed tightly.  Everything that is sent in must be labeled properly, with ingredients lists.  You really want to make your samples pop!  Whenever I receive a sample the packaging is the first things I notice, and if it is recycled or funky, I grab it and check that one out first.  Keep that in mind, you want people to run to their computers to look you up!!!

11.  If you have any questions at all, please email me!